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Turnaround Professionals ... your most targeted source to turn your business around.

We find & fix problems so you can focus your energies on success...
not survival.

By the time most corporations realize they are in distress, chaos is already rampant, and management is spending large blocks of time putting out the daily brush fires.

Turnaround Professionals' first step in reversing negative trends is stopping a downward spiral as quickly as possible. This means we must become intimately involved in the client's day-to-day management, right from the start.

We immediately begin a critical assessment of the current corporate climate, considering and reviewing all internal and external operations.  We concurrently stabilize the work environment for the short term, while beginning the process of repositioning the company for extended success.

If, after our assessment, the corporate environment warrants further control, we often recommend assigning a Turnaround Professionals' member to take on the role of Chief Restructuring or Chief Financial Officer. An advantage to this practice is our ability to generally shield our client's management from creditor negotiations, freeing management to focus on doing what made the business successful in the first place.

Our assessment focuses sharply on identifying and correcting those corporate policies and procedures contributory to the crisis. We commonly analyze financial performance, market position & strategies, corporate and management structure, facilities, equipment, staff relationships, staffing levels and the viability of the firm for sale or merger.

Following assessment, Turnaround Professionals creates a turnaround plan tailored for the client's needs ... and we remain firmly locked with management during the plan's application. Turnaround Professionals' involvement results in return to normal banking, vendor and customer relations.

We always prefer to join our clients in their recovery efforts before they need court protection; however, Turnaround Professionals' extensive experience managing Debtors through the bankruptcy reorganization process is readily available if needed.


Turnaround Professionals ... we can help you get your head out of the sand. 

Don't let management
gaps cripple productivity

When leadership needs to change, or to be enhanced, going through the executive search process can take far more time than your situation may allow.  Left without resolution, daily pressures and new challenges continue to mount, aggravating your leadership issues.

Turnaround Professionals' interim executive management service offers you a solid solution to your short and long-term needs.

Extensive business experience across multiple disciplines gives our professionals a solid foundation from which to give owners and stakeholders excellent support when it's needed.

Our professionals have served, and are willing to serve for you as needed, filling the critical roles of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Restructuring Officer.

Call Turnaround Professionals today to learn more and find out how the weakest link in your chain of command can become one of your strongest.


Turnaround Professionals ... we can help you get your head out of the sand.

Successful crisis resolution often boils down to getting the right help early, before momentum & inertia build.

Should the pressure become more than your management team can handle, and if sticking your head in the sand is seems a good solution, you should be talking to Turnaround Professionals about our crisis management program.

We can take, and have taken, senior executive positions for those of our clients needing sophisticated management during a specific project.  Adding our skills and talents to your pool of expertise can make the difference, turning a sure disaster into a qualified success.

An injection of unbiased knowledge and expertise by Turnaround Professionals offers your organization the impetus it needs to get over any immediate, critical hurdles you may face. Our principals are dedicated to achieving your goals in the shortest time possible, while providing the greatest return on your investment. We are available to coach your management staff and will help you weather the storm.

For short or long-term engagements, Turnaround Professionals establishes flexible billing arrangements tailored to your specific needs.

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