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Turnaround Professionals ... a valuable asset in court.

You benefit from our perspectives.

Turnaround Professionals specializes in providing research and expert testimony in matters of business valuation, bankruptcy plan feasibility, fairness and confirmability.  We work for both debtors and creditors, inside and outside of the court system, and have developed plans of reorganization, plan analyses and have evaluated business performance under various market and economic scenarios.

In addition to traditional expert testimony analysis, Turnaround Professionals offers litigation support that allows an attorney to evaluate a case from not only the legal perspective, but also from a business perspective.  By assisting the legal team with qualitative and quantitative analysis, the discovery process can be enhanced and settlement decisions can be more accurately evaluated.  On occasion, clarification in testimony is required from all sources to solidify a case.


Turnaround Professionals ... for fair, responsible oversight.

Services include acting as trustee,
receiver or examiner.

Turnaround Professionals provides the services of a trustee, receiver or examiner to either the Federal Bankruptcy or State District Courts.

In addition to the appointment capacity, Turnaround Professionals assists in the fulfilling of fiduciary duties such as filing Monthly Operating Reports, and development or implementation of administrative procedures that comply with the Office of the United States Trustee.

Turnaround Professionals gives clients powerful tools in the quantification and analysis of data, as well as in negotiation, collection and resolution of claims.  We provide interaction with creditor's committees, individual creditors, regulatory agencies (such as the various states Departments of Environmental Quality), and other interested parties in  proceedings as needed.


Data recovery &  evidence preparation

Turnaround Professionals offers computer data recovery services designed to help gather evidence and present that material so non-technical persons can understand how the material is relevant. We also use computers to determine the validity of data during due diligence reviews to obtain a reasonable assurance that data has not been massaged prior to a sale.

Other digital solutions we offer include the interpretation of financial data and data conversion of numerical data from paper documents to digital form.

Turnaround Professionals regularly develops evidence into an indexed format and specializes in the quantification and analysis of data.


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