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Turnaround Professionals ... for when you need to cut through the financial maze to reach the truth.

We cut through
financial tangles to uncover facts.

Figuring out which assets have changed over time, where they've gone, or how they've been manipulated is a skill which approaches an art form.

Often, companies in crisis neglect basic accounting principles at a time when they can least afford an attention to detail, and this tendency compounds already confused financial situations.

Turnaround Professionals uses forensic analysis tools to cut through the clutter and create clarity and understanding in a chaotic environment. Our professionals, led by a Certified Fraud Examiner, analyze books and records to illuminate and define important activities.

We scrutinize and report on data, pointing out specific transactions that are part of a focus group. With the information we develop in hand, we give you advice and the opportunity to decide if specific actions need to be taken, whether or not contracts have been properly accounted for, or if persons have embezzled funds.

Although no analytical tools completely insure the absence of all improper activities, our forensic inspection procedures most closely approach that goal. Our forensic examinations also unearth indicators which show us what procedures you should implement to protect yourself from future abuses.

When forensic examination determines fraudulent activity may have taken place, Turnaround Professionals refers further efforts to our strategic partner Fraud & Forensic Investigations, LLC.


Turnaround Professionals ... for when the suspicion of fraud needs to be confirmed .

Preventative policies
help prevent fraud. 

Fraud is the insidious deception of others for personal gain, with the intention of taking from them some property or right. Fraud involves theft, often concealed. When Turnaround Professionals suspects or determines some fraudulent activity may have occurred, we recommend and refer companies to Fraud & Forensic Investigations, LLC., Oklahoma's largest task specific investigation firm.

Fraud & Forensic Investigations employs methodologies which delve into allegations within a corporate entity, to determine whether or not those allegations have validity, and then to pursue any related activity through to disposition.

Turnaround Professionals has the depth to help clients implement procedures and systems to detect and prevent fraud before it occurs and a partnership with a leading firm to follow through with investigation and case development.



Turnaround Professionals ... when you need to know where you stand financially, and how to improve

Are you facing a
financial coronary?

      of financial crisis ...
1. Are your inventories growing?
     2. Have you noticed shrinking profit margins?
     3. Are your suppliers curtailing your credit?
     4. Do you see accounts receivables ballooning?
     5. Is it becoming hard to to pay your bills on time?
     6. Has your accounting been incomplete or slow lately?
     7. Are restrictions pinching your cash flow?


A single 'yes' means your firm needs a financial physical!

To have the confidence in knowledge that  your firm is financially healthy and growing can be major component of success. If you worry about negative profitability, poor cash flow or credit issues, you are not as effective and your focus on positive, vital, profit-making activity is blurred.

Just like making that annual trek to your doctor to make sure all your internal parts are working correctly, you should make time each year for Turnaround Professionals to visit your firm and examine its corporate health.

A Turnaround Professionals' financial fitness check is the best tool you have to identify potential problems early, to remove obstacles and to pinpoint new methodologies you should deploy.

We will show you how to improve profits, cut waste and implement safeguards to protect what you've built.

To give yourself a true sense of corporate well-being, assurance and peace of mind, operate from a solid financial foundation.  Call Turnaround Professionals now and learn more about how we can lower your worry factor without raising your blood pressure.



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